What is a Russian Stove?

Russian Stoves are perhaps the most efficient wood burning space heaters known to man. The intense heat given off by the fire is obsorbed by the brick walls that make up the stoves dense structure. Because of this, there is a slow cooling down period, which means that the Stove requires fueling only twice a day, and at most maybe three. At the time it is being fired, one can put his face into the chimney of a Russian fireplace and feel only a warm moist air escaping, thus assuring that a minimul amount of pollutants are being sent into the air. pollutants, or rather unburnt particles, are being burnt off by the extreme high temperatures in the burning process as they travel through the Stoves makeup as seen in the above drawing. This is being accomplished in a natural way without the aid of expensive catalytic converters, which require constant replacement

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